After an APS implementation

Implementation projects end are sometimes short in time and budget , that means that users ramp up might have been neglected.

Review of current use of the APS

Several months (at least six) after the implementation of the APS , users are used to the GUI and are able to express some improvements on the solution to speed up their day to day experience. At that moment we can listen to them and teach them how to take advantage of their tool and get all the power of it. 
It is also necessary to adjust the initial setup to the business as it is much more easy to make corrections rather than predictions during the design phase. 
Also key parameters update has to be reviewed. Target stocks, product classes, inventory policies….

Continuous improvement

Like any value adding process , the demand, production planning and scheduling organizations have to be regularly improved and challenged. We drive continuous improvement workshops inspired by lean manufacturing techniques (Kaizen) and we help our customers in defining the improvements, writing the specifications and even follow up the delivery and the implementation of the defined improvements.