Along APS projects

Project management.

Project Management adapted to the level of complexity on the implementation of an APS project. Standard roles and milestones are suggested.

Test plan design.

Once the Editor has been selected and that project is kicked off, it is key to define a proper test plan in order to prevent a project stall when first deliverables are handed to the customer. At that moment misunderstanding starts to raise between customers and Editors. Ones claiming that nothing works and the other one stating that the data is not the expected one. These problems disappear with a well prepared test plan, and the benefits will be a clear vision on the progress of the deliveries and the quality provided by the editors.

Validating the delivered functions

Execution of the test plan and support of the Key users when they put hands on the system. 
Detailed results of the test with a proper wording to describe the problems found to editors and with accurate information and reporting.

Management of Change

Taking the users along the road to an efficient use of the APS. 
Working by exception instead of reviewing every single sku. 
How to accept a mathematical solver solution without understanding why it made such or such choice.