Preparing your APS project

Demand, Production planning and scheduling organizations assessment.

Based on users and their team leaders interviews, we establish a picture of the current processes. Of the skills of the team members. 
– General knowledge about planning. 
– Knowledge of the capacities an limitations of the existing tool. 
– Perception of the limits of current processes and vision on potential enhancements. 
Data quality assessment and theoretical reachable service levels with the assessed data quality.

Support in redesigning organizations adapted to APS’ implementation.

An APS implementation needs to reorganize the planning services. Actually if it is properly done the APS implementation should give more visibility and allow a more efficient use of the inventory. But very often roles and responsibilities must be redesigned. On top the KPIs should be reviewed and partially redesigned.

Target design support

Validation of the targets to reach when implementing an APS. 
Writing the requirement specifications with a wording comfortable for the APS Editors. 
Designing needed data preparation and cleansing prior to an APS implementation. 
Support in including data quality with newly created Chief Data Officer positions.

APS Editor selection workshops and process.

Our excellent knowledge of the APS market will help our customers preselecting a portfolio of APS that fills the expressed needs. It is difficult to find what is the truth in the commercial speeches. On top of that a lot of fashionable technologies or methods seem to solve all the problems (Digital, DDMRP, AI, IOT, Blockchain….) and a good knowledge of these will prevent investing in useless technologies. On top of that it is important to acquire the software that fits with your organization, no need to get a formula 1 if you drive on dusty roads !